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We are committed to be part of solving plastic pollution in Nigeria thus enabling raw materials for the plastic value chain and manufacturing companies. Our efforts include community engagement, welfare and job creation, increasing recycling awareness and providing education to schools and local citizens related to waste management and opportunities in recycling.


Aiming for cleaner and more sustainable future

Finnish-Nigerian company focused on recycling, waste management, sustainable development, and solutions improving living conditions and technologies in Nigeria

We are committed to provide
sustainable and impactful solutions


Driving sustainable development through recycling, community engagement and waste management

Emission reduction

We recycle PET bottles, decrease plastic pollution, and enable manufacturers sustainable, traceable and safe raw materials

Social impact

Our recycling program and initiatives enable welfare for local collectors and households, and education opportunities for schools

We are committed to provide sustainable and impactful solutions


Waste from getting to the nature utilizing optimal technology and collection straight from end users


Sorting PET bottles by color, baling them and transporting to rPET manufacturing companies, thus providing sustainable raw materials to the industry


Recycling and waste management ventures enabling early collection and separation of different waste qualities improving recyclability and efficiency


PET bottles from the streets, gutters, nature and waterways


PET waste of companies, households and schools, increasing recycling rates, providing direct source of income or additional revenue for their waste, and contributing to closing the plastic recycling loop.
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