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Individual supplier

We are looking for individuals collecting or supplying post consumer plastic waste to work with us

How does it work?

We accept all types and quantities of PET bottles. As a supplier you will be compensated of decreasing
environmental pollution and making a huge impact on local living conditions.

Step 2

Bring your plastic waste to our collection centre

Step 3

Hand it over to us and we weigh it

Step 4

Get compensated through credits

Collection centres

Infradreams Itam Collection Hub

Open 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday
Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Collecting credits system


- Earn ₦ per collected KG of PET + credits
- Convert credits to cash or valuable goods
- Receive proper Infradreams equipment & gear
- Quarterly rewards for top collectors
- No prior experience required

Collecting credits
Individual collectors + households
50 KG
100 KG
150 KG
200 KG
250 KG
15 points
2500 ₦
25 points
5000 ₦
50 points
10500 ₦
75 points
15500 ₦
100 points
21000 ₦

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